Example COMMERCIAL Projects

254 Washington Avenue  (Atlanta, GA)
Project ($M) Elec $(M) Owner
5,780 652 State of Georgia Department of Labor

Renovation of this 8-story office building included revising one of two services to install a fire pump and emergency generator, installation of new telephone and data backbones, gutting and redesign of 60,000 sf of office space, and planning for future renovation of the remaining Judicial office suites.

ABAC Community College  (Tifton, GA) - Surveyed field conditions and prepared bid documents consisting of drawings and specs for installation of new fire alarm systems in all 7 existing campus dormitories. Provisions for a campus-wide interconnected fire alarm reporting network were included.

Primary and Secondary schools  (Albany, GA) - 14 schools; Provided electrical engineering to support installation of (retrofit) air-conditioning equipment in all classrooms and administrative areas at each school. New electrical services were designed for each facility, and life safety equipment was added to bring means of egress into compliance with NFPA-101.

CWC Labor Building  (Atlanta, GA) - Georgia Department of Labor: The design for this renovation of an existing 90,000 sf office building included reconnection of the building service to the Atlanta downtown 480V network as well as interior power distribution, LAN and telephone provisions, lighting, fire alarm, and security systems.

Engelhard Corp.  (Gray, GA) - New office building: The design for this greenfield 3-story facility includedthe usual power distribution, LAN pre-wiring, interior and exterior lighting, fire alarm and security systems.

Fort Benning Commissary  (Fort Benning, GA) - Equipment Replacement This project for the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers retrofitted an existing installation with the replacement of all bulk refrigeration equipment at the facility to increase operating efficiencies and reduce product losses.
Design included:

Printing Plant - State of Georgia  (Atlanta, GA)
Project ($M) Elec $(M) Owner
1,372 178 State of Georgia Department of Administrative Services

This project refurbished an existing warehouse with new electrical service to support a printing plant, finished product storage, and associated office space. Power distribution to presses and ancillary equipment was provided also.

Computer Center - State of Georgia  (Atlanta, GA)
Project ($M) Elec $(M) Owner
2,200 440 State of Georgia Department of Labor

The electrical design for this critical mainframe data processing and check printing facility included:

Observatory - Georgia State University  - This small mountaintop facility was designed for the astronomy department of the university and is owned by the Georgia University System Board of Regents. The observatory, built in Rome, GA, included emergency power generation and low-pressure sodium exterior lighting.

Science Laboratory - Georgia State University  (Atlanta, GA)
Project ($M) Elec $(M) Owner
24,000 2,870 State of Georgia University System Board of Regents

Provided complete electrical system engineering and design for this 178,000 sf facility composed of Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Biology research and instructional laboratories.
Design included:

Hazardous / Flammable Chemical Storage  - This storage facility was constructed for the U. S. Navy near Montgomery, AL for the storage of various hazardous and flammable materials. The entire facility was NEC Class I, Division 1 and included the appropriate power distribution, lighting, and grounding for this service. A Lightning protection system was provided also.

Lagrange Middle School  (LaGrange, GA)
Project ($M) Elec $(M) Owner
5,375 446 Lagrange Board of Education

This greenfield project included a gymnasium, classrooms, media center, cafeteria and kitchen, offices, and parking facilities. All of the usual school systems: power distribution, interior and exterior lighting, intercom, CATV distribution, pre-wiring for LAN, security, and fire alarm systems were provided.

Lanier County (Alabama) Hospital - Ambulatory Care wing  - Plans and specifications for an Ambulatory Care Center were prepared. The facility was to be added to the existing hospital owned by West Point Pepperell in West Point, GA.
Design included:

Transmitter Installation  (Muscogee County School District, GA) - Provided engineering design, plans and specifications, and field inspections to replace existing McCulloh loops with new fire alarm equipment and radio transmitters at 23 schools in the district. The system relays supervisory and alarm information to the municipality's central monitoring and dispatch center (NFPA-72 proprietary protective signaling system).

Middle Georgia College - Physical Education Complex  (Milledgeville, GA)
Project ($M) Elec $(M) Owner
7,600 583 State of Georgia University System Board of Regents

This facility included an 8,500 seat gymnasium/arena, indoor 1/4 mile track, offices, classrooms, training, and workout areas. Engineering and design were provided for all electrical systems - including public address, paging, intercom, fire alarm, security, high-bay lighting, EVACS, 480 and 208 V power distribution, and lightning protection.

Richards Jr. High School  (Columbus, GA) - To facilitate first-time installation of air conditioning, engineering of a new service and power distribution system was required. In addition, the bid documents included new corridor lighting, exterior lighting, intercom, and fire alarm systems.

Southeastern Alabama Medical Center  - This addition of outpatient and MRI recovery areas included engineering for installation of systems for nurse-call, paging, CCTV monitoring, lighting, fire alarm, and power distribution.

Statesboro Vocational-Technical Institute  (Statesboro, GA)
Project ($M) Elec $(M) Owner
5,242 692 State of Georgia Dept. of Adult and Technical Education

Provided complete electrical engineering services for new 85,000 sf, $7.0MM school. The work included 480 and 208 V power distribution with 400 kVA diesel generator emergency power supply, power conditioning equipment for DPE central mini-computers, fuse and circuit breaker coordination analysis for central plant chillers, fire detection and pre-action suppression systems with voice communication.

Vidalia Vocational-Technical Institute  (Vidalia, GA)
Project ($M) Elec $(M) Owner
7,400 758 State of Georgia Dept. of Adult and Technical Education

Similar to the Statesboro school, but expanded to 105,000 sf. This facility includes two fully equipped drama theaters (1,000 seats & 750 seats) with the associated dimmer racks and audio reinforcement systems.
Design included:

Westinghouse Electric Corp.  (Charlotte, NC) - Turbine and generator plant: Led project to replace fire detection and control systems in this 500,000 sf facility with a new system incorporating combined FM radio and digital transmission and controls. Flame and linear heat sensors, optical fiber communication channels, and a programmable graphic operator interfaces were used to provide plant-wide protection and control.