Bruce M. Judd, P.E.
102 Knox St
Clover SC 29710-1415
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
June 15, 1985
Professional Engineer - exam: Georgia
- comity: Virginia


I offer services for all aspects of electrical, instrumentation, and control system design, engineering, production of contract drawings and specifications, systems programming, cost estimating, procurement, and contract administration for industrial construction projects. I have twenty years experience doing this. I have 3 years prior experience as a design engineer working for A&E consultants - commercial construction such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, and retail structures. Project types have ranged from power distribution and control system design for greenfield manufacturing facilities to an upgrade of data processing facilities for the state of Georgia. The broad range of my experience with varied facility environments and design services contract types provides a strong basis for project planning, guidance, and design team leadership. This includes establishing overall design strategy, execution methodology, manpower scheduling, and the requisite budgetary tasks to apply project controls to the work.

Engineering and Design Skills and Capabilities:

  • Instrument selection, sizing, and specification
    • Nuclear density, pH, ORp
    • Level, Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Weight
    • Orifice plates, regulators, actuators, & control valves
  • Control System Hardware
    • ABB drives
    • A-B SLC 500, SLC 5, PLC 5, PLC 5k, FlexLogix, PF40, PF70, PF700, PF753, 1336(+) & 1305 drives
    • Bentley-Nevada machine monitoring
    • Emerson Delta V DCS
    • Fisher Provox DCS
    • Moore APACS DCS
    • Honeywell Experion DCS
    • Schneider Modicon Quantum, Momentum PLCs
    • Siemens SE70 drives
    • AVG & A-B Panelview touchscreens
    • Yokagawa Darwin DAQ
  • Control System Software
    • A-B A.I. 500, RSLogix 5 / 500 / 5k, RSLinx, FactoryTalk, FTView SE, PanelBuilder32
    • Taylor ProWorx
    • Fischer-Porter HC3000
  • High-level languages, formats, and interfaces
    • C, Java, VB, VBA, Perl, Pascal, Fortran IV & 7, xBase, SQL, REXX, html & CSS, Javascript, LISP
  • Communications hardware / protocols
    • A-B DH, DH-485, DH+, DF1, RIO, Devicenet, ControlNet, EtherNet/IP
    • Fieldbuses: AS-I, Foundation, ProfiBus, HART
    • Modicon Modbus, Modbus+, Modbus RTU
    • RS-232, RS-422, RS-485
  • Short circuit calculations (by hand or computer)
  • LV & MV OCPD coordination
  • Smart relay configuration
    • G.E. Multilin
    • Schweitzer
    • Eaton IQ
  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis with PPE requirements
  • Rotating machinery starting capacity
  • Transformer, conductor, motor thermal damage control
  • Large battery sizing
  • Generator sizing
  • Entity parameter calculation for intrinsically safe circuitry
  • Safety Instrumented Systems with LOPA & SIL calculations
  • Electrical distribution system reliability analyses
  • Cable pulling tension limits
  • Illuminance calculations
  • Lighting power density (energy code) calculations
  • Cable tray fill and mechanical loading
  • Lightning Risk Assessment
  • Application of codes & standards
    • ANSI C2, C37, C57
    • IEEE 141, 241, 242, 493, 602
    • ISA S5.1, S20, S84, S88
    • NFPA 20, 30, 70, 70E, 79, 85, 101, 110, 170, 496, 497, 780
    • International Building Code, International Fire Code
    • OSHA 1910 Subpart S
  • Engineering & Design software
    • Highly proficient with AutoCad v 12 through 2007, AutoCad Electrical 2004; a little rusty with MicroStation v 8
    • Primavera P3, P5

Project Experience:

ITE Engineering Jul-1993 to present
A company I formed to provide tailored process instrumentation and electrical engineering, control system design, and integration services to the industrial manufacturing sector

- Pennsylvania Power & Light - Designed control system for a new dual-train flue gas desulfurization wastewater treatment plant at two existing fossil-fueled generating stations ($23MM each). The design included hot standby Allen-Bradley (A-B) PLC processors, fully redundant fieldbus I/O, redundant control and supervisory networks, HART multi-drop analog I/O, PC-based operator interface (O-I), and controls integration with vendor-supplied PLC systems. Engineering and design deliverables included schematics, network topologies, instrumentation plans, installation details, network latency calculations, PLC and O-I programming, testing, startup, and commissioning.

- DuPont Spruance - Wrote ladder logic and developed touchscreen O-I to control a 3MGD continuous water softener plant. New A-B PanelView screens developed for control of the softener plant were integrated with an existing hypochlorite generation control system. Instrumentation and control valves were selected and specified for the plant. Schematics and plans were prepared for use by the construction contractor.

- Japan Tobacco, Inc. - Wrote RS Logix 5k supervisory and control code for the leaf threshing section of the plant. This code controls 200+ motors - a combination of fixed and variable speed units for threshing, conveying, and separating machinery. Interface logic was provided to communicate with 3 other Logix 5k processors as well as 6 FactoryTalk View SE clients hosted by redundant servers. Configured Ethernet, ControlNet, & DeviceNet nodes, scanners, and switches for all 5 sections of the plant - prep, threshing, drying, packaging, and dust houses. Wrote the supervisory and control code for dust collection, which includes multiple 250 HP variable-frequency drives. Testing, debug, startup, commissioning, and initial operator training services for the threshing line were provided. For a subsequent project, the existing Logix code for the leaf packaging section of the plant was re-factored to improve execution time, add a 3rd case press, and add a 3 rd box strapping line.

- Duke Energy - Provided construction documents for $3MM design-build compressed air supply system being constructed at an existing generating station in Belmont, NC. The electrical distribution system includes automated best 2-of-3 medium voltage service selection, protective relaying, and redundant 600V distribution systems.

- Augusta Utilities Dept (GA) - Prepared biddable electrical contract documents for a $6.5MM electrical system for a $63MM potable water treatment plant upgrade and expansion to 60 MGD. The work included cost-benefit analysis, reliability calculations, and detailed capital payback calculations for 5 medium voltage distribution system topologies as well as construction drawings, equipment and installation specifications, and construction cost estimates for 2 reservoirs, 7 sedimentation basins, 2 filter plants, future UV treatment facility, and 2 distribution system pump stations. Other deliverables included protective relaying settings for the MV system, electronic breaker settings, soft-starter configuration, and VFD configuration for multiple 350HP pumps. The design includes 4 MVA of on-site diesel-fired generation with closed-transition peak shaving and the necessary utility inter-tie protective relaying.

- Baker Hydro Filtration - Analyzed the client's proposed application and worked with the client to develop performance requirements for a new copper ionization controller. Designed the new solid-state "CX" model controller for mass-production by this original equipment manufacturer. Engineering included the development, prototyping, and thermal stress testing of a 2-sided circuit board and associated components. The CX controller features highly accurate output (SP +/- 0.3%), seamless adaptation to water conductivity changes, output short-circuit protection, and flow-cell monitoring.

- Medical College of Georgia - Performed code-compliance analysis of central DPE facility and provided recommendations for correcting deficiencies and mitigating loss of transaction capability due to UPS power source failures.

- Philip Morris USA - Developed conceptual design, performance and testing specifications, scope of work, engineering estimate, and schedule to upgrade a line-shaft driven 1442mm paper machine to independent variable frequency drives supervised and controlled by Emerson DeltaV system. The $4.5MM design included the application of constant-torque laminated frame motors, fiber-optic control LAN communications hardware, ProfiBus fieldbus for I/O, and touchscreen O-I.

- Honeywell International - Provided electrical engineering for a $24MM monomer separation system consisting of distillation column, centrifuges, filtration, and associated equipment. The work included design of 1.7MVA of power distribution, lighting, paging system extensions, and electric heat tracing; and configuration of variable-speed drives and line-carrier multi-circuit heat-tracing controllers.

- ReeMay - Programmed Moore APACS Distributed Control System to operate drawstand floor equipment in a $26MM greenfield polymer web manufacturing facility. Tested, debugged, and commissioned drawstand, waste cutter-aspirator, speed controls for 8 Siemens vector drives on a coordinated line, and HVAC equipment for the complete facility. Assisted with instrumentation debug and repair, commissioning, startup, and testing of the polymer prep equipment, extruders, lay-down table, thermoset binder, tensioner, and winder on the line.

- Allied Amorphous Metals - Programmed Allen-Bradley (A-B) PLC5 to operate metal caster, casting wheel, X-ray scanner, and carousel winders for a 1 micron, 4,600 fpm ribbon production line. The program included multi-mode analog loops for level, temperature, coordinated speed control of A-B vector drives with tach feedback, and stepper motor controls for caster position; device communications over DeviceNet, O-I hooks for A-B RSView; and alarming, event trapping, and data export to A-B data acquisition software and Oracle Manufacturing Execution Software.

- AlliedSignal Corp. - Led Electrical and Instrumentation discipline teams in the planning, engineering, design, and construction of multiple process capacity upgrade and environmental remediation projects at Allied's largest nylon chemical intermediates manufacturing facility. I provided engineering and design budgets, scheduling input, conceptual and detailed engineering, requisitions for material and equipment, guidance and review of detailed design, construction support, assistance in commissioning, and startup support. Tasks have included medium voltage power distribution system modifications, instrumentation specifications, and control systems design. Example projects included:

- Replacement of a 3,000 ton centrifugal refrigeration machine compressor, condenser, accumulator, and auxiliary lube systems: work included rotating equipment vibration, displacement, and bearing temperature monitoring, refrigerant stream and machine instrumentation, control valves, local and remote process variable indicators, revision and rearrangement of medium voltage 2,500 Hp motor starter elementary and protective relaying, and on-site startup and commissioning support.

- $6MM addition of vent stack scrubbers to an existing production line: 3 scrubbers were installed as a single fast-track project that included pH, level, flow, differential pressure, and temperature instrumentation, control valves of several types, and numerous pumps for washing, purging, and circulation. I added I/O and an additional processor to upfit the existing Fisher-Provox DCS to support the additional control load.

- Installation of a $2.3MM purchased product reprocessing unit to improve the plant's ability to meet peak capacity requirements. This facility included conveying, blending, mixing, and circulation components - all analog loops, interlocking, and discrete sequencing was controlled by a Modicon PLC with touchscreen O-I. I provided all programming, tuning, testing, and commissioning.

- Year 2000 Compliance program: Inventoried 250+ plant Instrumentation and control elements which were candidates for Y2K compliance analysis, divided the research work among a team of engineers, and wrote testing and remediation plans for units where necessary. Supervised the testing, analyzed results, and reported results and recommendations to plant management.

- Ford Motor Co. - Proposed the process control concept, developed schedules, estimated costs, and implemented the proposal for a large environmental remediation project at an existing manufacturing facility. The in-situ solidification of 650,000 cy of material was completed using this control system which utilizes RF links to mobile A-B PLC's to form a client-server arrangement in which variable-priority control system tasks are distributed between field equipment and a central fixed PLC linked to a PC-hosted database server. RF redistribution of historical and real-time data is provided for supervising and QC engineers. Engineering and design of the power distribution and metering system on site was also provided as a part of this $60MM project. I executed every portion of the work - from development of the concept through drawing preparation, procurement, on-site supervision of electricians, programming, testing, debugging, commissioning, startup, preparation of operating manuals, and operator training.

- Chemical Specialties Corp. - Designed A-B PLC based control system for an Arsenic Acid Waste Recovery system including safeties, controls, and power distribution for filter press, fume scrubber, slurry tank, filtrate pumps with dry-run protection, and associated fans and compressors.

- Ruco Polymer Co. of Georgia - Prepared all engineering documents for this $30MM greenfield plant in west Georgia. These included drawings for power distribution, process control, lighting, and building systems control. Process systems included batch mixers, belt flakers, chippers, air-operated material transport systems, rail car unloaders, reactor load cells, vacuum systems, polymer pumps, and Honeywell PLC interface. Site work, short circuit analyses, load studies and controls system planning were also provided. I handled procurement of variable frequency drives, coordination of electrical and instrumentation design, preparation and maintenance of instrument indexes, and scheduling of design tasks to meet construction deadlines. This was a design-build effort leading to an operational product line in this 138,000 sq ft plant 6 months after groundbreaking.

- Hoechst Celanese Corp. (Dreyfus) - Provided controls system design for prototype spinning machine under development by Hoechst R&D. This project utilized A-B PLC's to control all process heaters, variable speed drives, extruders, quench air, and spin finish mechanisms. Responsibilities included engineering and design, equipment procurement, project management, construction oversight, checkout, and startup of this polymer thread extrusion and finishing process.

- Hoechst Diafoil Corp. (Greer) - Conducted an analysis of the plant medium voltage power distribution system and assembled a proposal to implement a pilot distributed control plant power monitoring system. Provisions were made for future expansion to monitoring and control of the entire plant power distribution system as well as other utilities (steam, chilled water, natural gas, etc). Provided conceptual design, scope of work, design & construction schedule, functional performance criteria, and itemized cost estimate.

Parsons Main, Inc.
4701 Hedgemore Drive
Charlotte NC 28209
Jul-1989 to Jun-1993
Senior Electrical Engineer
A wholly owned subsidiary of The Parsons Corporation providing engineering, procurement, and construction services to the industrial manufacturing, power generation, and government services sectors

- FMC Corp. - Lithium Salt Processing Facilities: This chemical extraction facility imposed unique design requirements due to an isolated South American site, high altitude (14,000 ft asl), and arid salt environment. I prepared procurement specifications and bid requirements for prime power generation equipment and packaged power distribution and motor control units. I evaluated bids for technical and commercial compliance and made purchase recommendations to the project manager.

- Eastman Kodak - Powdered Coatings Facility: Performed short-circuit analysis, coordination study, lighting calculations; prepared lighting layouts, fire alarm plans and risers; and provided intra-discipline checking for this $21MM powdered paint manufacturing plant. Prepared procurement specifications and requirements for motor control centers, switchgear, AC and DC variable speed drives, and prepared construction specifications.

- Placentia Bay Power Co. - Cogeneration Plant: Prepared conceptual single line and equipment cost estimate for use in design proposal to build a 54 MW oil-fired cogeneration facility in Newfoundland. Work included addition of SF6 breakers and sectionalizing switches to 230 kV switchyard, step-up transformers at generating station, tie-line, and 13.8 kV vacuum breaker switchgear for alternators.

- Interstate Paper Co. - Bark Hog Replacement: Prepared procurement specifications for 600 HP 2300 V motors and starter, performed coordination study for feeder fuses, switchgear breakers, and motor protector.

- Westinghouse - U.S. DOE Facility: Provided technical and administrative supervision, guidance, and intra-discipline coordination for engineers and designers preparing drawings and specifications for the installation of new fire protection facilities in multiple portions of this large existing nuclear fuel processing plant. New facilities included storage, pumping, and distribution systems for fire protection water with the associated control, signaling, and power distribution equipment. I prepared formal calculations, and maintained design documentation / verification data; I produced Quality Assurance records, prepared project budgets, resource loaded schedules, and baselines; I developed and maintained spendout projections, and administrated project controls for the E & I group.

Designs included:

(2) Consulting Engineering Firms
Nottingham, Brook, & Pennington, Inc.; Macon GA
Moore Engineering; Columbus GA
Feb-1986 to Jun-1989
Electrical Engineer
Closely held firms providing electrical engineering services to architects and governmental entities - a synopsis of projects can be found on under "Commercial Projects"